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Kuste Biopharma

At KUSTE we focus on two therapeutics areas

Bladder Pain Syndrome/IC

Kuste develops therapies for unmet medical inflammatory urological diseases such as Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

KUSTE prioritises areas of GI associated with high unmet need, such as inflammatory bowel disease.


Two small peptides acting in the JNK inhibition, have reached up to Phase 3 results.

Proprietary molecules

10+ years extensively studied, proven safe and efficacious JNK inhibitors for a variety of therapeutic applications.


Inhibitors of the JNK pathway have a proven therapeutic impact in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Launching studies

Launching clinical studies for the unmet clinical need of BPS/IC and preclinical on other inflammatory pathologies e.g. IBD

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Kuste Biopharma

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